Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013-02-26 Meeting Summary

It's been quite some time since our last meeting so it was great to see the room filled with many familiar faces and a few new ones.  The meeting was held at Cowork Buffalo which proved to be a perfect venue for us.  Below are links to the slides from our various presenters.

The meeting opened with myself covering administrative topics and then giving a short intro to using Dancer::Plugin::Auth::RBAC::Credentials::DBIC.

Ben gave a review of his Net::Rserve module which he created to claim Dan Magnuszewski's beer bounty after our last meeting so long ago.

Finally, Eric Wastl gave a very entertaining and educational talk that covered 20 topics in 20 minutes at what can only be described as Ludicrous Speed!  Thankfully he stopped just short of going to plaid.

Our next meeting is at 7:00 on April 23rd at Cowork Buffalo.  You can RSVP on our NextPlex Group Page.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Buffalo Perl Mongers Meeting on February 26th

It's finally time that I got off my rump and set up a Perl Mongers
Meeting.  We will be meeting at CoworkBuffalo
( from 7pm-9pm.

Please respond on NextPlex using the link below.  If you aren't
familiar with NextPlex just know that our local tech community uses it
for organizing events and such.  Poke around the Buffalo section of
the site to see many of the events, companies, and people that make up
our local scene.

It's been a while since we had a meeting so I would like to have 3
talks that are 20 minutes each to get started.  That should give us
time to catch up with each other as well.  I will do one so I need two
more people to offer one up.

I will also try and have some food there of some kind.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Signup For The Buffalo Perl Monger Mailing List

If you're new to Buffalo Perl Mongers, please sign up for our mailing list to stay in contact with discussions and upcoming events.

April Meeting - Plack/PSGI Fundamentals

Ben Bixby gave fairly technical talk on a Plack handler/server that he put together for his $work. It started with PSGI/Plack fundamentals then dove down into the details of his custom webserver including C/XS code.

Here are the files from the Plack talk. Comm::Express is a Plack handler he wrote to meet the needs of an application at $work.

Some questions that came up were (and his opinion/answer):

Q: What's the purpose of plack in relation to existing web frameworks.
A: Allow code written for those frameworks to seamlessly run on any number of servers.

Q: Why write applications in Plack directly and not in Catalyst/Dancer/Mojo/Web::Simple.
A: Not really the Right Thing, just how I roll. Made possible by the existence of Plack::Middleware.

Q: Will Comm::Express be released to CPAN.
A: Not planning on it. If you have an application that you think could benefit from it's particular qualities, let me know.

In addition to HTTPParser::MMAP::XS, I also wrote HTTPParser::XS (very poorly named on both counts) that is just the HTTP streaming/http-parser integration without the MMAP stuff which I find quite useful in my day-to-day duties.

Here are the slides and example code

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our New Location on Blogger

We decided to move our site to a platform that would give us some common features that people expect these days. From now on you should look here for all info related to the Buffalo Perl Mongers and local perl or technology events.